Ibiza Airport Transfers: book an experience not a taxi transfer!

Don’t waste time waiting for Ibiza Airport Taxis. Book Ibiza Airport Transfers with Ibiride and we will be waiting for you!

Go to our online booking platform to secure your Ibiza Airport Transfer. Once you have completed your booking, we will send you a confirmation with all the relevant details of your transfer via email.

On your arrival day, one of our experienced drivers will be at the airport to collect you. Take all your belongings and make your way out of the security area. The meeting point is inside the arrivals hall in front of the exit from the terminal. Your driver will make themselves recognizable by holding a sign with your name on it.

We at Ibiride value comfort. Meeting and greeting our guests is an integral part of the quality we provide with our Ibiza Transfers. On top of that, we allow 45 minutes waiting time at the airport in case of any delay.

transfer from Ibiza airport

Ibiza Airport has certainly become one of the busiest airports in the Balearic Islands. Especially during the summer season. The number of guests handled by the airport has seen a massive increase in the last years, reaching up to 8 million passengers. This explains why one can end up queuing for hours to get one of the Ibiza airport taxis. Seasoned visitors of the White Island, or those who expect this obstacle, always book a transfer from Ibiza Airport ahead of time. That is one of the reasons why Ibiza Airport Transfers are the most wanted services offered by Ibiride during summer.

Book your transfer now and save yourself a lot of stress!

Book your Ibiza Airport Transfers now! Avoid the long waiting time queuing for taxis at the airport. Save time and arrive at your accommodation in comfort and worry-free

Arriving at the airport on time is one of the main concerns when traveling by plane. Those who have experienced the hustle of getting a taxi in a busy airport such as Ibiza, can trully apreciate the value of booking Ibiza Airport Transfers to San AntonioSanta Eularia or San Miguel. Our transfers cover almost any spot on the island. Why not pick the most efficient way to transfer from Ibiza Airport? Time is money and it is important to start ones vacation on the right foot. We know that after having spent hours in airports and airplanes the last thing one would want is to join a slow-moving queue for a taxi in the airport. Not to mention illegal taxis, called “Taxi Pirata in Spain. Unscrupulous individuals, that usually take advantage of unsuspecting travelers. By using illegal taxis, you certainly choosing to pay higher fares for less value.

If you are looking for a safe and excellently priced Ibiza Airport Taxi Transfers, simply book with Ibiride. Our fleet only has elegant, modern cars that fulfill all the legal and safety standards for transportation in Spain. Compared to regular taxi vehicles our services include:

  • all our drivers are true professionals and speak at least Spanish and English
  • all our vehicles offer air-conditioning for all guests
  • we have different categories to choose from: Economy, Business or Luxury, all guaranteed to meet your expectations;
  • all our vehicles are non-smoking
  • sedans and vans up to 8 seats to accommodate larger groups
  • 24 hours customer service
  • no cancellation fee
  • 45 minutes waiting time for all airport pick-ups
  • no extra charge for flight delays
  • time-saving
  • stress-free
Ibiza airport transfers

Your flight is delayed!? No need to worry, We will reschedule your private transfers from Ibiza Airport accordingly and you can make the most of your holiday

Even if your flight is delayed and you can not get in touch with us, you still don’t have to worry about it. We monitor the flight status before every pickup. You are in good hands, someone will be there to meet you. It is possible that due to the booking schedule your assigned chauffeur might turn out to be a different one. Rest assured you are still taken care of by Ibiride.

All our transportation services are available to and from any location on the island. Make use of our nifty booking platform and hire your Ibiza airport transfer to San Antonio easily and secure.

Easy booking car system with a choice of payment options

As a guideline, airport services price begin at 40€, almost like ibiza airport taxi prices. Prices vary depending on your destination, type/category of vehicle, stops, and other options.

Our online booking platform for airport transfers is probably one of the easiest you ever experienced. We need only a few essential details and it takes just a few seconds to complete a booking. You are always just a few clicks away from booking your worry-free airport shuttle service.

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Avoid the long waiting time queuing for Ibiza Airport taxis, your transfer from Ibiza airport can be booked now!

The steps are simple:

  1. select a pick-up and a drop-off location
  2. select the desired category of vehicle and any extras
  3. input the contact information
  4. select the payment details and choose between online or in-person payment
  5. a confirmation email, with all the relevant information will be sent to you


*we accept MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Revolut, etc