Terms and Conditions:

The following administrative terms apply to contracts arranged by ibiRide. Acting as a transporter, for passenger services between the departure points and destinations specified at the time these services are reserved and paid. By finalizing the acquisition of the transfer, as well as by making the trip, the passengers agree on the provisions mentioned below:

Booking Details:

– the booking name has to be that of a passenger who will be in the car during the trip.
– the booking details (pickup point, drop off point, pickup hour, passenger name, etc.) can be modified only up to 48 hours from the first pickup hour, and date declared.
– smoking, eating, or alcohol drinking in the car during the trip is forbidden.

The Transfer Price:

– the transfer price doesn’t include additional fees like parking or any other specific request that was not agreed upon prior.
– the transfer price doesn’t include stops or detours.
– the transfer price will be recalculated if the customers changes the booking’s details.

Vehicle Booking:

– the customer will book a vehicle category authorized to carry the number of passengers and will not overload the vehicle.
– if the reserved vehicle is not available to do the transfer, we will send a car with same specifications or next category, without informing the client. We will notify the client if a particular event occurs, and we can’t provide same vehicle specifications or next class, and if he doesn’t agree with our solution, we will refund the customer 100% of the payments made by the customer to IbiRide up to that time.

Waiting Time, Extra Charges and Customer No Shows:

– The waiting time is :
• 60 minutes for the airport pickups.
• 15 minutes for any other pickups point.
If the customer doesn’t show up at the agreed meeting point during the above specified waiting time and has not informed IbiRide of any unexpected events, IbiRide will consider that the customer has cancelled the service and will not be refunded for any payments made to IbiRide for that particular service.
Upon the customer`s request and with permission from IbiRide, the driver can extend the waiting time, in this case the customer is subject to an extra charge calculated per hour. The hour is not divisible.
– if the customer doesn’t show up during the waiting time, and he cannot be reached over the prior means of communication, the driver will leave the meeting point, and the customer will not be refunded.

Delayed Flights:

– for the airport transfers, in case of a flight delay, the customer has to inform IbiRide or the driver about the delay. Depending on the circumstances IbiRide will sometimes be forced to send another vehicle to fulfil the transfer. If no other vehicle is available at the moment, the customer will be informed, and he will receive a 100% payment refund.

Booking Cancelation and Refund:

– cancelling a booking within 48 hours prior to the pickup time, will not result in a refund.
– cancelling a booking between 48 up to 72 hours prior to the pickup, will result in a refund of 50% of all payments made towards that particular service.

—  cancelling a booking at least 72 hours prior to the pickup, will result in a 100% refund of all payments made towards that particular service.

*for last minute bookings we do not offer any refund.

**the refund will be operated in maximum 48 hours after the request has been approved by IbiRide, however, due to factors beyond our control it can take up to 10 working days for the refund to be processed by the bank.

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